Acupuncture and Day Spa Services

The Path to Wellness
In the middle of the bustle of the city lies a paradise nestled in the shadow mountain shopping center overlooking Tulsa at 61st and Sheridan…The Path to Wellness Urban Spa. Warm steam baths permeate the air with eucalyptus and soothing hot rock therapies are combined with professional body treatments and skin care service in a unique Japanese and European style. The entire experience is a body mind soul treatment through Oriental and Native American Medicine and Therapies.

The Path to Wellness has been offering expanded health services to the community since 1986, providing a holistic/alternative approach to well being. Our philosophy emphasizes that the human body is an integrated organism, in which no part functions independently (mind, body, spirit, emotion). Thus when we give ourselves adequate care we are self-regulating and self-healing.


Lower Back

PEMF (BEMER) Therapy
Massage Therapy
Lymph Drainage Therapy
Warm Stone Therapy
Teresa Wilkinson

RN, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Teresa Wilkinson, RN, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and director of The Path to Wellness, says Our mission is to *enhance the lives of individuals and families by relieving pain, reducing stress, assisting healing and personal growth, preventing disease and offering incredible opportunity.

It’s about YOU: The Path to Wellness Medical Spa experience beckons you to relax, reflect, revitalize-it’s your time and space just for yourself-and most important of all, rejoice! Have fun! You’ve earned it.

Is work leaving you tired and cranky because of stress and high pressure? Do you dream of going to a spa, but can’t get enough time off? Have you been interested in experiencing the holistic approach to medicine but haven’t known where to go?

The P.A.T.H., (located at 6I 25-E S. Sheridan at the foot of Shadow Mountain, behind Texaco and next to the Mexican Restaurant), is an urban spa retreat which offers expanded health service providing a holistic approach to the health and well-being of the individual.

Services offered include bodywork therapies (therapeutic massage, hydrotherapy, structural balancing), custom built steam units and oriental medical techniques (acupuncture, moxabustion, herbology, dietary and nutritional counseling, bodywork, breathing and exercise techniques).

The PATH offers a full acupuncture clinic with two acupuncture doctors on site. In all, the PATH’S bodywork therapies are designed to alleviate stress (and medical research shows that stress suppresses the human immune

system) and boost the body’s own natural disease-fighting abilities.

Teresa Wilkinson, RN, Oriented Medical Doctor and PATH director, says the guiding philosophy of the PATH is that the human body is a unit , an integrated organism in which no part functions independently (mind, body, spirit, emotion).

Wilkinson, whose background includes experience in orthopedic/ neurologic nursing, rehabilitation, pain therapy, massage therapy and nutrition, says the human organism is a complex system of checks and balances which tend to be self regulating and self-healing when given adequate care.

The path is a member of the Oklahoma Acupuncture Association and Wilkinson is the current secretary for OM.

The ideal, Wilkinson says, is to have a healthy life¬style, balancing mind, body, spirit and emotion. As a health clinic and healing arts center, the path provides therapies to restore, as well as maintain, wellness.

1975 – Physical therapy & counseling in Tulsa & Registered Nurse
1986 – Owned & Directed clinic; The P.A.T.H. also known as Physical and Therapeutic Health Clinic
1987 – Acupuncturist


  • Helped form first Acupuncture School in Oklahoma
  • working with national and state legislatures in licensing and regulating acupuncture in Oklahoma a Current President of Oklahoma Acupuncture Association
  • Served as Secretary 2 terms for O.A.A.
  • Teach under graduate nurses at T. U.
  • Teach post graduate nurses at U.C.A.T.
  • Lecture at Regional Nursing Conferences, public libraries, assc., schools, etc.
  • Registered with National and State Acupuncture Associations

Orthopedic & neurological, death & dying, psychological, pain management, chemical dependency, geriatrics, Internal Medicine; ear, nose & throat, facial, head aches, endocrine system, heart, lung, gastrointestinal, hepatitis, ob/gyn.