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Discover the Best Massage Therapy in Tulsa, OK

The Path to Wellness, your premier destination for exceptional massage therapy in Tulsa, OK. Nestled in the heart of Tulsa, our serene and inviting wellness center is dedicated to providing you with the most rejuvenating and therapeutic massage experiences. Our team of highly skilled and licensed massage therapists in Tulsa, OK, are committed to your comfort and well-being. Massage is the ancient art of bodywork which focuses on diminishing or eliminating muscle stress. Mental stresses which are allowed to accumulate in muscle tissues can, over time, produce degenerative effects on the body’s posture and immune system.

Our Specialized Massage Therapy Services in Tulsa, OK

Swedish Massage

The classic Swedish massage incorporates long strokes and kneading to soothe and increase circulation. We use Glen Ivy’s own rich massage oils to maximize beneficial effects and facilitate circulation. A light-to-medium massage recommended for first-time clients.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique based on energy circulation. The therapist applies rhythmic pressure along meridian lines, clearing blocks in energy pathways.
Full Body Swedish, Shiatsu or Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 minutes) $75
Deluxe Full Body(80 minutes) $115

Express Massages

The following Express Massages are available at The Path to Wellness: Back of Body Swedish
Includes back, back of legs, head, neck, and shoulders
Hand and Foot Swedish Massage
A unique modality promoting better health and well being through applying pressure to various points on the feet.

Lymph Drainage

A Certified Therapist, trained by Dr. Chickly (Upledger Institute) utilizes traditional lymph drainage techniques to detect the specific rhythm, direction, depth & quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body. They utilize LDT to assess overall circulation and determine the best alternate pathways for draining the body-fluid stagnations.

Experience Unparalleled Relaxation and Healing

At The Path to Wellness, we understand that every individual has unique needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of massage therapies tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, stress reduction, or simply a moment of tranquility, our massage therapists in Tulsa, OK, are here to guide you on your path to wellness.

Our Signature Massage Therapies

Our menu of services includes deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, and more. Each therapy is designed to soothe your muscles, enhance your circulation, and promote overall health. Our massage therapists use only the finest techniques and products, ensuring a safe and nurturing experience for all our clients.

Benefits of A Therapeutic Massage In Tulsa OK
  • Relieves congestion in the body by improving blood circulation
  • Increases number of red blood cells
  • Stimulates lymph circulation and hastens the elimination of toxic wastes
  • Relaxes muscle tension caused by the stresses of life
  • Increases blood supply to muscles without causing fatigue
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Helps prevent muscular atrophy if one does not exercise as one should or because disability or age limits amount of exercise one can perform
  • Increases venous return of blood to the heart and therefore eases strain on the heart
  • Increases tissue metabolism and cell nutrition
  • Stretches connective tissue and prevents the formation of adhesions and fibrosis
  • Keeps joints more limber and hastens the elimination of harmful deposits which are found in arthritis and rheumatism
  • Massage makes you feel good.