People are always very curious about what acupuncture can and cannot treat.  In fact, it is extremely useful in treating a wide variety of disorders.  Below are some of the various conditions that we find acupuncture most successful in treating.  The World Health Organization lists all of these conditions as conditions that respond well to acupuncture; however we have listed them in three groups from excellent to good. (These are our favorite problems what we treat).
PAIN PROBLEMS: Back, Neck, Shoulders, Knees, etc.  All pain problems respond to acupuncture because it has been scientifically demonstrated to produce endorphins – see discussion below.
SOFT TISSUE INJURIES:  Sports, Work, Car Accidents, etc.  Acupuncture is simple the best treatment available for soft tissue injury.  Muscle relaxers do not have much effect on soft tissue healing.  Chiropractic or physical therapy has only moderate effects.  Acupuncture is best because it actually facilitates soft tissue healing.  It can be quite dramatic in many instances such as when soft tissue cramping is impinging nerve conduction resulting in numbness or nerve pains like sciatica.  Acupuncture is excellent for most muscle skeletal problems.
ACUTE DISEASES: colds, Flu, Cough, Bronchitis, etc.  Because acupuncture strengthens immune functions it can be used in the treatment of many acute diseases.  As a general rule, acupuncture works best for viral problems while western medicine works best for bacterial conditions.
ALIMENTARY TRACT PROBLEMS:  Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, etc.
ARTHRITIS:  Osteo-arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and most other forms of arthritis.
DRUG ADDITIONS:  Smoking, Alcohol, Opiates, Cocaine, etc.
ENDOCRINE DISORDERS: Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Hypoglycemia, Metabolism imbalances, etc.
GYNECOLOGICAL DISORDERS: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc.
HEADACHES:  Migraines, Cluster, Vascular, Tension, etc.
IMMUNE SYSTEM DEFICIENCY: Lupus, Candid, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, etc.
PARALYSIS:  Bells Palsy, Stroke, Polio, etc.
Bladder Problems
Health Maintenance
Health Prevention
Kidney Problems
Sexual Dysfunction
Sciatica & Tendonitis
Skin Problems
Stress & Tension

Western research has proven that acupuncture does work.  Most of this research indicates that it works thought the nervous system to simulate the body to produce its own natural chemicals for healing and repairing the body during disease or injury.  For instance Dr. Bruce Pomerantz, Neurophysiologist has shown that acupuncture increases the body’s production of endorphins that are natural opiates produced in the pituitary gland.  These indigenous opiates do more than just reduce pain.  Because they are hormones and all hormones are chemical messengers, they appear to additionally give the body information about how and where healing needs to occur.
Years of experience both using and receiving acupuncture has made us well aware of acupuncture marvelous ability to restore the production of the body’s own natural pharmacology.  This would explain why acupuncture is exceptionally useful in treating endocrine and gynecological disorders.  Numerous drugs and herbs work in the body because the body produces a similar substance.  (It is my empirical belief that one day someone will discover an endo-tranq.) Today many people are turning to herbs for healing and we do use some herbs in our practice but prefer to assist and catalyze ones own body to make these substance rather than depend on outside sources.  Although we have great respect for herbs, and do use them on our patients, and ourselves it is our personal opinion that when you get the body to produce its own natural chemicals that this is the preferred and higher form of medicine.

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