Relax, You Deserve a Message
Therapies to Cleanse and Purify
Body Treatments—Choose from a variety of spa massage therapy & body treatments that exfoliate and moisturize for a healthy glow from head to toe. Choose the Spa Massage Therapy that is right for you depending on your skin type.
Path to Wellness Essential Oil Wrap
(50 minutes) – $80
First, you are massaged with The Path’s to Wellness own richly formulated spa massage therapy/aromatherapy oils—Relaxing, Toning, Purifying, or Energizing to be liberally applied to the skin. Then follows a cocoon wrapping and a luxurious face massage. An Awaken apricot scrub ends the experience to aid in the absorption of these therapeutic essential oils.
Papaya Enzyme Clay Wrap
(50 minutes) – $85
Path to Wellness’ Revitalizing Papaya Enzyme Masque is applied to the body, followed by thermal cocoon wrapping to increase body heat, stimulate lymph and blood circulation, and aid in the absorption of minerals. Sea Kelp hydrates and mineralizes the skin; clay exfoliates and detoxifies.
Eucalyptus Wrap
(20 minutes) – $40
This cocoon wrap begins with warm eucalyptus infused oils, which are applied directly to the skin. During the wrap, a scalp, face and neck massage is performed. Choice of warm or cool towels on the face completes this relaxing treatment.
Path to Wellness Spa Massage Therapy/Aromatherapy Body Polishing
(50 minutes) – $40
The Path’s special formula is designed to provide a full-body exfoliation, softening and smoothing rough areas. Our own Aromatherapy salts slough and polishes your skin. Aromatherapy oils are applied to stimulate the lymphatic system while moisturizers replenish tired, thirsty skin.
Sugar Glow
(20 minutes) – $40
Vigorous massage smooths away aged skin cells with the Path’s own Peppermint Sugar Glow. This sweet treatment leaves skin moisturized and revitalized.
Ear Candling
(50 minutes) – $75
Used to treat earaches, dizziness, and tinnitus. A hollow candle with one end tapered to fit in the ear is lit at the wide end creating a vacuum that pulls out wax, fungus, remnants of past infections, and negative energy.